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MotionView™ – Info & Prices

Basic, Elite and Data Collection

Our MotionView analysis software is an affordable way to get top-information for coaches or players out of cameraviews. Being able to give live motion feedback to the sporter is one of the best ways to get direct results for progress in performance. The way MotionView can handle all type and numbers of camera’s together and in live mode is one of the best choiches the world has to offer. So dont’look further and be sure of having the best proposition you can get!

Check for yourself and choose one of the best options you can get. Our software goes with frequent updates. Keeping our software up with developments the sporting world demands.

Video Motion Analysis

MotionView™ is the ultimate multicamera video analysis software for sports, with up to eight synchronised cameras and video players, animated drawing tools, video coaching, recording and playback automation.

Game Film Analysis

Sports game film breakdown, tagging, and video editing software for all team sports. Scenario analysis software for team sports and research enables the association of data with specific moments in video.

Data Collection comes with either the Basic or Elite version of MotionView. Data Collection is a add-on module towards Basic or Elite software. So for gamefilming and tagging you need the Data Collection module, in combination with one of the two software versions of MotionView.



The most basic version of MotionView. Basic video analysis for the home enthusiast or beginner coach. Single camera capture up to 60 FPS, dual player video analysis software for all sports


This is the ultimate training solution for the professional coach and represents our best value! Multicamera capture up to 500 FPS, eight player video analysis software, Hi Def A/V commentary creator, Free online academies

Data Collector

Essential game film software with video tagging, editing, and analysis for all sports. On sale now! Top level game film software with highlight film creator with online file sharing option for all sports.