Wifi Video Grabber

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Wifi Video Grabber™ Software by Download – Wireless video control over GoPro Hero Cameras. Wireless video tranfer from iPhone® and Android® phones and tablets!



Use the Wifi Video Grabber™ software to instantly and automatically pull videos from your GoPro Hero 3 or 4 camera, a smart phone, or an iPad or Android tablet immediately after each new recording. It is 100% automatic… each new video arrives inside MotionView™ within seconds of the recording! No wires, no memory sticks, no hassles!

If you plan on using a phone or tablet as your camera then you simply need to install a free FTP server in the device, and connect it to a wifi hotspot. Free FTP servers and hotspot software are available online!

The GoPro Hero cameras require nothing extra. Just connect your computer to the embedded GoPro hotspot, and fire up the Wifi Video Grabber™ software. You will be able to preview live video, start and stop recording, and automatically pull videos from the GoPro… all from your PC. Our MotionView™ video analysis software integrates with the Wifi Video Grabber™ software too… so your experience is entirely seamless.


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