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Cameras & video

The eye for the sport.

Image production

Knowledge and experience is required for making the right choices.

The making of the right camera choice is essential for the operation of a good system. This choice should be geared to achieve your goals and conditions. For quick movement many frames per second are required to be able to capture the correct impact moment. Frame by frame you browse through the recording to find that defining moment. What you see also needs to be clear, crisp and every curve without blur effects. Not every camera can deliver that.

For filming a hockey or football game far fewer frames per second are sufficient, but a bright and clear image is all the more important. There is an increasing interest in stationary camera systems with multiple cameras. The advantage is that for every game situation at least two points of view can be assessed. With a fancy term we called it Smart Playing Field a completely automated solution.

GigE vs IP vs USB

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GigE Vision cameras

GigE Vision standard cameras. These Gigabit Ethernet Cameras are high-performance industrial cameras and are a guaranteed success.

Sports & Action Cameras

Whether you want to shoot outdoor sports or underwater excursions, here’s what you need.

IP Cameras

Actually the best choice for quality

USB Cameras

USB Cameras are ideal for sport analysis where easy integration with a dedicated computer system is possible. They are cheap and reasonable in quality.