Record matches

Recording in the sports hall

AllSportSystems has several options:

Manual System

First of all, there is the basic choice for a system for outside or for in the hall. Various cameras are available for this. If you want to influence everything yourself, a system with its own server is the best solution. One or more Axis cameras are included in the AllSportSystems package. The recording and video analysis are linked to the MotionView software package.


  • One-time investment
  • No hosting or cloud service required
  • Completely self-sufficient
  • Always own the images
  • Read tagging in match recording


  • Investing in knowledge
  • Annotations must be made
  • Tagging manually (using phone app)
  • Operation manual

Fully automatic

With a specially suitable camera, the recording is made on the basis of automated control by means of algorithms. Fully automatic start via the laptop and a predetermined time. The video is uploaded to the Cloud. You can tag live and have the chosen scenes available quickly. Create summaries automatically.


  • Partial investing
  • No basic computer knowledge required
  • Quick and easy to plan
  • Cloud settlement


  • monthly fee for applications of the software
Automated recording