MotionView™ USB Key license

 375,00 Incl. VAT:  453,75

The MotionView Elite USB Key licenses may be used on any computer, at any time. The USB Key must be plugged in while using MotionView Elite. This USB Key, with a perpetual license, gives you the option to use MotionView Elite everywhere and on multiple systems!


The MotionView Elite USB Key licenses allows users to use MotionView Elite on multiple computers. The USB key or dongle controls the authorization of the user. Just plug the USB key in and start the software. It will automatically be activated so long as the key remains attached to the system. If you are in possession of a USB key, you can use the software on different computers, at any time. Useful if you have multiple work-spaces. You can also buy the software without USB key. The software is then assigned to a single computer. You will always work with the same computer. This USB Key license is only available for MotionView Elite and MotionView Data Collector Elite.


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