Zelocity Pure Launch Tracker

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The PureLaunch Tracker™, a 3-Dimensional Doppler-radar based wireless Zelocity PureLaunch Tracker™. The PureLaunch Tracker™ with numerous Doppler-radar transceivers accurately captures data for the golf club, golf swing, golf ball and launch conditions. Accurate, affordable, portable and durable, requiring no leveling or calibration and operates on either rechargeable batteries or electricity. The PureLaunch Tracker™ wireless unit sets up in seconds and the same monitor can be used either indoors or outside. With a total weight of less than 6 lbs the PureLaunch Tracker™ is easily transported. The PureLaunch Tracker™ software displays and provides for the printing of summarized and detailed graphical comparison by club or ball tested and session statistics.



The PureLaunch Tracker™ golf ball tracking technology and logic enables hundreds of thousands of data points to be captured in a relatively short distance or tracked for as far as necessary to validate the captured information.


  • Metrics include:
    • Club head speed at impact
    • Club head speed prior to impact
    • Ball velocity
    • Launch angle
    • Total spin
    • Side spin
    • Shot deviation
    • Angle of approach
    • Angle of descent
    • Club face angle
    • Power transfer ratio
    • Carry
    • Total distance
    • Azimuth/Side angle
    • Swing path
    • Dynamic loft (Driver)
    • Shot type
  • Profile trajectory and Overhead trajectory
  • Wireless technology
  • Club & ball database
  • Full report suite and Data export to MS Excel functionality
  • 10 hour rechargeable batteries
  • No striping or marking of ball needed
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
  • Windows platform


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