(BUSINESS WIRE Seastar Labs, a specialist in advanced video broadcast processing technology, and TNO, a leading Netherlands-based research organization, today announced a partnership to jointly develop a fully automated StriveCast production system for sports. The integrated system will seamlessly combine Virtual Dire

Strive Cast producer app for broadcast

broadcast Strive Cast Producer app

ctor, TNO’s autonomous camera technology with StriveCast, Seastar Labs’ cloud-based live production platform.

The high costs and rudimentary nature of current automated broadcast production systems have limited their acceptance. In contrast, the integrated StriveCast + Virtual Director system, with its affordability, scalability and rich production features, promises to open vast untapped markets and make this technology ubiquitous. Beyond broadcasting, the system also enables fully automated workflows for additional uses such as sports video analysis and recruiting.

“Assisted and automated production is the next generation of broadcasting. We’re making it easier and more affordable than ever to stream and produce live events, with minimal involvement and infrastructure.”

– Manoj Aggarwal, CTO Seastar Labs.

TNO has developed the automation technology Virtual Director which detects and automates camera movement via digital pan, tilt and zoom. By using highly accurate virtual director algorithms, state-of-the-art pattern recognition and machine learning. The Virtual Director application is based on more than 50 years of research in intelligent imaging algorithms and developed by winners of the DARPA contest. This technology is the latest innovation by the best in class computer vision and development experts in the world. Learn More Here

“This is Auto-Pilot for Sports Production…we’re creating a fully automated digital cut of the game, while preserving the original 4K footage. Allowing assisted production for amateurs without the worry of missing the action.” The system is cost-effective and very easy to set up. A few clicks and you can stream a videoproduction to the world.

– Paul Valk, Business Development Manager TNO